4-H Volunteer Application Process

NEW APPLICANTS please read 4-H Volunteer Application Process, 2 pg (PDF)


Being a 4-H volunteer is satisfying and can positively influence youth ages 5-18. Becoming a 4-H volunteer is not hard; however, it is important to start and complete the steps in a timely manner so that youth are engaged in the 4-H activities they signed up for as soon as possible. Applicants should strive to complete all volunteer application steps by 12/1/17.  

A — Applicants (new and returning) need to ask local 4-H staff or middle management volunteer such as a club leader about current volunteer needs (e.g., co-leader for a 4-H club). Ask to see volunteer role descriptions to identify a role that might be a good fit.

B — Build a new or, if returning, annually update your volunteer profile at http://mo.4honline.com  --- You must answer YES to the volunteer question!!

Help Guides for 4HOnline enrollment:

C — Complete the one-time 4-H volunteer orientation, if you are a brand new 4-H volunteer applicant. The orientation helps new applicants learn basic terms, organizational structure and safety practices.

D – Determine if you need to complete the Background Check Consent Form (LG639, dated 7/11/16). See the NEW background check information below!

NEW – Bi-annual background checks for most** 4-H volunteer applicants.  

Background checks ARE required in the 2018 program year (October 1, 2017-September 30, 2018) for:

  1. New Volunteer Applicants -  A new volunteer applicant is an adult NOT listed as an Active Volunteer in the 4HOnline enrollment system October 1, 2016 – September 30, 2017. Examples of “New Volunteer Applicants”:
    • A parent with a 4HOnline adult member (not volunteer) profile last year.
    • A person started, but didn’t finish the volunteer application process last year.
    • A person did all volunteer application steps a few years ago; but not active 2016-17.
  2. **Returning Volunteer Applicants with prior year denial or restriction – Any 4-H volunteer applicant denied or approved with restrictions October 1, 2016- September 30, 2017.
  3. Any adult, age 18 or older, serving as an overnight chaperone who might be alone with 4-H youth.

Background checks NOT required in the 2018 program year (October 1, 2017-September 30, 2018) for:

1. Any adult listed as an Active Volunteer in the 4HOnline October 1, 2016-September 30, 2017.

2. An episodic 4-H volunteer who volunteers for single day or limited 4-H activities or events. Examples: fair judges, committee members and one-day event helpers. Episodic volunteers do not enroll in 4HOnline; however, staff must give episodic volunteers a letter or email message that details the episodic volunteer’s role: date, timeframe, supervisor’s name and a statement on the limitation of not working alone with children. Staff should use the Episodic Volunteer letter template located in the Staff Volunteer Management Manual Appendix.

Final Approval
Local 4-H staff review applicant data and make the best match between volunteer applicants and current volunteer roles. If you are approved for a volunteer role for the current program year (i.e., Oct. 1st thru September 30th), the staff approves your 4HOnline profile. In that case, a message is sent to the email address as listed in your 4HOnline volunteer profile. If you are not selected as a volunteer for the current program year, the staff will send a letter or email to you regarding your status.

Go to http://extension.missouri.edu/locations.aspx to find your county Extension office, including contact information for your local 4-H staff.

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Mark your busy calendars for November 2nd and December 7th. These are the remaining dates for the 2017 National 4-H Volunteer e-Forum, a series of high quality youth and adult volunteer trainings. Each of the e-Forum trainings have in-person and webinar components. The facilitators provide plenty of great resources designed to help new and seasoned 4-H volunteers engage youth in hands-on programs. Contact your local 4-H staff to find out if they are sponsoring any of the e-Forum trainings at an internet connected meeting room in your community.

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