Are you interested in volunteering your time with youth outside the classroom setting? We hope so! University of Missouri Extension volunteers are able to help young people ages 5-18 feel safe and supported to learn and lead.

There are four required steps to be considered as a potential 4-H volunteer. Please note that applying to be a volunteer does not guarantee placement. Youth staff consider many things before making that important decision, including an applicant’s willingness to uphold the Volunteer Code of Conduct and timely completion of ALL steps listed below.

A — Applicants communicate with the county MU Extension staff about current program needs and volunteer roles. If you want to apply for a 4-H volunteer role, you should complete all steps below, B-D.

B — Background checks are done annually on every 4-H youth development volunteer applicant who works with youth outside a classroom setting on an ongoing basis.

C — Complete a 4-HOnline enrollment at http://mo.4honline.com or if you enrolled last year, you must update your existing volunteer profile annually. Other MU Extension volunteers (e.g., Master Naturalist) volunteering with youth do not enroll in 4HOnline.

  • Do not set up a new or second profile! Contact your county MU Extension office if you do not remember your 4HOnline email log in so they can help you.
  • You MUST select "YES" and [CONTINUE] when asked the volunteer question. This will provide you with volunteer items such as the Volunteer Code of Conduct and the new Trainings (Orientation) link.
  • TIP: Be sure to select [CONTINUE] at the bottom of each page; otherwise, your profile may show up as pending.
  • Send any 4HOnline questions to 4hyouth@missouri.edu and include your name and county.

D — Do the one-time 4-H volunteer orientation, if needed. This one-time requirement helps new 4-H volunteer applicants understand Missouri 4-H Program basics, including terms, organizational structure and safety strategies.

  • Check with county 4-H staff on in-person training options as that is the best way to learn about 4-H and connect with your local 4-H staff.
  • If you choose to do the online orientation in 4HOnline, print or refer to this optional, one page document, "Help Guide for Completing the 4-H Volunteer Orientation within the 4HOnline System".
  • Email 4hyouth@missouri.edu or call 573-882-3316 if you need special accommodations for participating in the online 4-H volunteer orientation.
  • Attention Shooting Sports (SS) Volunteers: Effective January 1, 2016, the Friday night "General Session" during SS Leader Workshops no longer substitutes for completion of the 4-H Volunteer Orientation. 
  • Individuals wanting to enroll in a Shooting Sports Leader Workshop or other events must have completed steps A-D above and be an active volunteer as reflected by a staff-approved 4HOnline adult volunteer profile.

After you have completed steps A-D above, the county 4-H staff reviews current program needs and makes a final volunteer selection decision. Please note that applying to be a volunteer does not guarantee placement. If you are approved for a volunteer role for the current program year (i.e., Oct. 1st thru September 30th), the staff approves your 4HOnline profile. In that case, a message is sent to the email address as listed in your 4HOnline volunteer profile.   


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