Show-Me 4-H Wares

4-H youth can now apply as exhibitors for the 10th annual Show-Me 4-H Wares sales booth, August 10-20, 2017, at the Missouri State Fair.

This summer's exhibition promises to be bigger than ever!  For more details and incentives for youth exhibitors, click on 'how to apply' link on this page.

Show Me 4-H Wares is a youth sales booth opportunity for young entrepreneurs to market and sell their 4-H products and services to the public at the state fair.  Youth exhibitors participate in a 4-H Salesmanship Contest on-site while they sell.  

Any 4-H member age 11-18 (Biz Individual), pair of 4-H members (Biz Buddies), or group of up to three 4-H members (Biz Team) may apply to market and sell original products or services which demonstrate skills they have learned through 4-H.  (Youth ages 8-10 may apply to help older youth sell on-site).

4-H members enrolled in the entrepreneurship project, and/or participating in local sales booths, are especially encouraged to apply.

Through Show Me 4-H Wares, youth grow confidence, earn their own income, and create value for others, while gaining experience and life skills for career readiness.

2016 program summary
2016 salesmanship contest results

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