4-H Club Leader Kit


  • 4-H Club Leader Kit Table of Contents (LG910)

Basic Club Organization and Management

Information for Club Officers

  • 4-H Secretary Record Book (Y671) Order hard copies from Ext. Publications.
  • 4-H Treasurer Record Book (Y672 REVISED) Order hard copies from Ext. Publication.
  • Health Officers Resource: Choose Health 4-H Officer Guide (Y677)
  • So You Are An Officer (Y783)

Information to support volunteers

Letters to Leaders (an instructional newsletter series)

  • What is 4-H? (LG901)
  • Getting Started with a 4-H Club (LG902)
  • Planning and Conducting 4-H Club Meetings (LG903)
  • Leadership and Training Techniques (LG904)
  • 4-H Activities (LG905)
  • Opportunities for 4-H Leaders (LG906)